A few years ago, I stumbled upon a way to represent four weeks of Advent in a multi-panel image. It was received so well that I created a similar type of image with labyrinths during the following Lent, and then carried the idea through two more years of Advent and Lenten Seasons.

I really like the idea of breaking an image into parts. Honestly, it’s the other way around that seems to be the work to which I am called. How may I help parts come together to make wholeness?


This Madonna and Child image began with a question: What if during Advent, we began with four lit candles and each week lit one less, quieting/stilling our way toward the center Christ candle? How could a question like that be imaged?


In “reading” from right to left, which was the order in which the panels were presented in the accompanying liturgy, we go from four lit candles to three, two, one, and then the light of the Christ Child. I imagined that changing a tradition like the lighting of the Advent candles would be too challenging for most folks. 🙂

Below is an image I created for a four-part strategic plan for the ELCA TX-LA Gulf Coast Synod. One plan – four parts. One image – four panels. Follow the main theme of Growing from left to right.

1. Deep faith grounds and roots us
2. Generous hospitality offers communion
3. Bold leaders pivot
4. Adaptive structures ask questions, trusting the promise of God’s love



I find these invitations truly challenging and rewarding, and I’d love to work with you to create a visual for the work to which you are called.

Pricing depends on complexity of image: $250 – $500.