Journaling This Here Flesh

October 4, 11, 18, 25 and Nov. 1, 2022

Journaling can be practiced as a spiritual discipline and prayer, a way to process the Spirit’s stirring in our lives. Paying attention to moments, words, music can nudge us toward creating, so that we too can participate in the conversation. Creative journaling is a way to mark this holy work.

Join Vonda Drees and Rhonda Hill, founder of Race & Faith, in this online course and conversation to engage imagination, attentiveness, and the creative process.

How does this work?

The group will gather in a Facebook group set up by Vonda one week before the session begins. There we will be allowed to share the images we create and our reflections as we accompany one another on the journey. There will be a short instructional video shared by Vonda each week with tips and optional exercises to try. Rhonda will post questions for reflection each week, too. A reading schedule will keep us together.

We will gather online through Zoom. Each participant will receive an invitation link to join in. This link will also be available as a Zoom Call Link in the Facebook Group.

What will the instruction look like?

A short video and reflection question(s) will be posted each week in the Facebook group. This will allow you to watch them and respond whenever it’s convenient for you.

Through the sharing of our images and reflections in the Facebook group, there will be opportunity for encouragement within our creative community.

What will the online gatherings look like?

The 60-minute online gatherings will give us the opportunity to meet in real-time and talk about any insights, revelations, meaningful experiences from the previous week. While these gatherings are not for instruction, you are always welcome to ask questions about process.

What will be created?

Each participant will create images holding questions, observations, and insights. Participants will also develop skills and methods to continue using this practice for deep listening and personal formation after the conclusion of the class.

What will the reading schedule be for Cole Arthur Riley’s This Here Flesh?

Week 0  (Sept. 27) – Facebook Group opens, Read Preface

Week 1 (Oct. 4*-10) – Ch. 1-4

Week 2 (Oct. 11*-17) – Ch. 5-8

Week 3 (Oct. 18*-24) – Ch. 9-12

Week 4 (Oct. 25*-31) – Ch. 13-15

Week 5 (Nov. 1*) – Wrap Up with Ch. 13-15

* Online Gatherings

Online Gatherings: 

Tuesday Morning Group – 10am Central (8am Pacific, 9am Mountain, 11am Eastern)

Tuesday Evening Group – 7pm Central (5pm Pacific, 6pm Mountain, 8pm Eastern)

Note: These conversations will no longer be recorded. If you’re unable to make the time you registered for, you are welcome to participate in the other session if that works for you.

What will need to be purchased for this class?

This Here Flesh by Cole Arthur Riley

Learn about the Recommended Art Supplies.

Cost for the Session – $75

Register your information, then proceed with the payment as a donation to the Black Joy Retreat, an initiative of Race & Faith, a faith-based organization challenging racial inequities and advancing understanding to foster a more just world. Learn about the Black Joy Retreat.


Here is where you head on over to the special Black Joy Retreat campaign to make your donation.

Follow this link –

Thank you! Once your registration and donation have been received, you will be sent a confirmation email from Vonda. Since this won’t be an auto-reply, please be patient. If it’s been a week and you haven’t heard anything, please reach out!

I have participated in three of these courses with Vonda Drees and I can’t wait for her next class. Artfully, mindfully journaling through any book is a helpful practice. The online community Vonda intentionally gathers and leads creates a space for even deeper connection & continued conversation about books that matter.

–Lori Kochanski, Assistant to the Bishop, Upstate New York Synod (ELCA)

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