Yoga Prayer Cards

Yoga Prayer Cards

This deck of 3.75″ x 6″ cards includes 40 yoga poses that can be used for your own personal spiritual practice or with groups. Each card displays a yoga pose accompanied by a prayer or affirmation, a list of instructions for engaging the yoga pose, and a guided reflection question. These cards integrate the practice of yoga with a life steeped in prayer to engage the whole self. The cards are accessible for all levels of yoga or you may choose to simply observe the poses through the art and sit with the prayers and questions. Price includes shipping within the United States. (U.S. orders only, please.)


“I highly recommend these cards to incorporate into your own self-care practice. I personally grab a different card each morning to use as my focus or Drishti before flying through the Zoom universe.  I use the pose on the card as my stretch for the day.”

–LEAD Executive Director Peggy Hahn

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