Markers of Visual Interpretation - poster

Join Guild Directors Jim and Vonda Drees as they join creative energies for the first time in the studio!

The inspiration for this class came about as remarks about Vonda’s images looking like stained glass danced with Jim’s passion and practice of creating stained glass.

Each morning will begin with a short talk from Jim on stained glass: basic principals of craft and design, meanings of symbols, historically significant stained glass work and contemporary pieces that tell dramatic stories.

Vonda will then facilitate the process of creating an image inspired by a story or concept you want to ponder and tell. Whose spiritual writing has been attracting your attention lately? Maybe it’s not writing; maybe it’s the book of creation revealed in the river, the garden, a favorite tree. What are the symbols, shapes, marks that you find yourself drawing these days? How might these connect on the page?

This is soul-pondering, connection-creating artistic conversation. Practically speaking, this type of work is great for enlarging into banners and for coloring pages, too.

More information about Jim & Vonda’s class, Markers of Visual Expression here.