Watercolor Cosmos – August 7-13, 2022

“When we reach the end of what we know, that’s where we find God.”  –The Cloud of Unknowing

The mysteries of the Cosmos and the magical medium of watercolor come together in this brand new offering! One of Vonda’s secret loves while serving at the Guild was the Perseid meteor shower every August. She describes the experience, “a sacred game of hide and seek with flashes of fire darting across the night sky.” Perhaps you have marveled over NASA’s images of outer space? Some are almost beyond imagination. In this class we will learn how to paint watercolor galaxies. Watercolors are the perfect medium for this luminous work because depth and vibrancy are created when the paint flows naturally into a dance of cosmic mystery.

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Creative Journaling and Anti-Racism – August 14-20, 2022

Vonda writes, “As an American of European descent, I have work to do in learning (and unlearning) the history of this country. These lessons become even more significant when I hold a mirror to myself, being honest in revealing my own biases, prejudice and racism.

While this inner work is vitally important, there is also an outward element. How am I being called to live differently so as to not perpetuate harm? This is where I turn to the faithful witness of present-day BIPOC theologians and authors like Barbara A. Holmes, Lisa Sharon Harper, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Cole Arthur Riley, Latasha Morrison and Bako Akomolafe, to name a few. Their voices are a balm and offer a deep well of wisdom.”

Journaling is a creative tool that gives way to the expression of this spiritual work being stirred in our lives. In this class, we will practice the discipline of deep listening as we process what we are experiencing, in heart, soul, mind and body. Reconciliation begins in us as we get honest with ourselves. Creative journaling is a way to mark this holy work of introspection, imagination, attentiveness and process, and may even become the inspiration for another to begin their own journey of anti-racism.

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