Alive to Love!

Welcome to the first blog entry of my new website! Thanks for your curiosity, your time, your participation in this creative work.

Here’s a look at my journaling through Lent this year. The reflections came daily by email and were written by folks who are about the work of peace all over the world.

Do any of the images catch your eye, your breath, your soul? Sometimes I get to hear when an image is meaningful; most times, though, I’ve learned to trust in the act of just letting them go.

4 thoughts on “Alive to Love!

  1. newthingsat50 says:

    What resonates with me is the theme of love in your Lent journal. I am a math person so this type of visual journaling is a challenge for me to create. It would be fun to purchase images in color and blank to color myself. Easter blessings to you!

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    1. vondadrees says:

      Yes, I noticed the presence of love too. I very much appreciate your thoughts on creating images for folks to color. I have a friend whose creative spiritual practice is writing haiku. It’s a fascinating and wonderful thing that there are a variety of creative callings. Your suggestion stirs an idea in me… and for that I am deeply grateful! ~Vonda


  2. Susan says:

    I have loved the limited palette you have used for the Lenten meditations for Keep Watch with Me. I also loved the words that were written. I took time to go through them all and they were all ok but certain ones made me pause extra long to admire. In fact there were many many to admire. God has given you a great talent and you are using it so wisely. After going through them again the one that spoke to my soul was the second one, “Where pain is understood we are love set free”. Right now our society made up of God’s children if awash with pain and understanding is in short supply. We must do better. Thank you Vonda and a great first post!


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