February 13

“7 Years of Wonder” is a daily look back at my creative posts since 2014. What thoughts inspired me, what images did I create and share on this day over the past seven years? When a year has two posts, that usually means I was in transition between journaling seasons. You’ll notice that was the case in 2018.

Here’s to February 13th!


Here’s an attempt to give Paul’s bike painting some size context.

I have no clue what the next 30×30 canvas will become. I like that it’s sitting there, though, waiting patiently.

Given my first 30×30 was a bumblebee and this one, a bicycle… maybe I should be listening for another “b” subject? 🙂

Big B, little b, what begins with B?


“Slow my pace, Spirit of Love,
Breathe into my being, Word.” —Monsignor Bernard Powers


“My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death. Stay here and keep watch with me.” ~Matthew 26:38

“I think one of the ways we awake and stay woke is by telling each other stories.” ~Michael T. McRay, Keep Watch with Me

The marks on this page are reminding me of the ashes many will receive on their foreheads tomorrow. Perhaps they’re the Mardi Gras version of dusty smudges? Perhaps they tell the rest of the story.

“The practice of surrender is what allows us to flow with God, aware of, and connected to, the divine spark of God within leading us forward.” ~Gena Davis, YogaMass: Embodying Christ Consciousness


“Prayer, ‘piercing prayer’–as Julian of Norwich called it–affects something mightily. It pierces to the heart of God, like a strong electric current coursing through the Mercy, subtly rearranging and vivifying everything.” ~Cynthia Bourgeault, Mystical Hope


Let us pray and let us act: Give us this day our daily bread, that all your children may be fed. ~Christina Jackson-Skelton, ELCA 




sharing a little sunshine today

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