February 16


“What I do know But this: it is heaven itself to take what is given, to see what is plain; what the sun lights up willingly…”—Mary Oliver

From time to time small glimpses invite big wonder to emerge from within me. One with many, the familiar with the mysterious… It’s often those sideways-eyes of grace that are sensitive to light’s invitation.

“Go not to the object; let it come to you…. What I need is not to look at all, but a true sauntering of the eye.” —Henry David Thoreau

“But nothing you ever understand will be sweeter, or more binding, than this deepest affinity between your eyes and the world.” —Mary Oliver


Northern Irish storyteller Gareth Higgins writes, “…to be sure we made our point, we wrote the word five times. SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY. Big enough to be seen from the road, but with enough of a gap between the letters that folk could see the message underneath that needed to be amended.”

“When you give birth to that which is within yourself, what you bring forth will save you.” ~The Gospel of Thomas, Logion 70


“When we are in our true way of being–that is, attuned to the homing beacon of our innermost ground… –hope is the current that flows through, carrying us toward the future. ~Cynthia Bourgeault, Mystical Hope


“Working from the outside in

Tighter and tighter circles

Leaving little streaks of clean water

On the square tiled floor

I walk those lines in prayer.”

~The Rev. Melissa Pohlman, Central Lutheran, Minneapolis


Grateful for Terry Hershey’s Sabbath Moments


This journal page reminds me of the song “Drift Away.” Wishing you a day of rhythm and rhyme and harmony! 🙂

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