February 19

With this post, I’m very, very grateful to report that I’m back on track (sorry for the deluge!), my home is warm, we have water and power, the ice is melting from the trees outside and they seem to be springing back.


Who holds this key? Perhaps, as the old song (I Know Who Holds Tomorrow) says: the One “who holds my hand.” It could be you.


“[Y]our smugness and entitlement? Well, really, who do you think you are?” ~Lee C. Camp, Keep Watch with Me Advent Reader

“Mystics have always seen through the eyes of connectedness, and awakening to this truth pulls you deeper and deeper into your eternal Self and the presence of God.” ~Gena Davis, YogaMass: Embodying Christ Consciousness


deep prayer + compassionate action


“In faces that I pass, I see the withering face of Christ in those who are starving, and I reach into my soul so that I, too, can invite them to eat good food.~The Rev. Kwame Pitts, Redeemer Lutheran, South Holland, IL … An invitation to abundant life ~ Isaiah 55:1-2.


bubbles in Prague… What a memorable way to help me understand Day 2 with Bishop Mike’s book


Journaling one of The Way sessions

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