March 1

Let’s go, March!

I’m including a mosaic of images from my March 1st post in 2020. Here’s the text from one year ago that accompanied the images:

Some of you may remember the collection of yoga pose images that I created last summer. The YOGA PRAYER CARDS are now available! This 40 yoga pose deck was created by my friend, Episcopal priest and YogaMass founder, Gena Davis, to assist you in your personal spiritual practice and group circles. The cards include a prayer or affirmation to go with each pose, instructions for engaging the pose, and a guided reflection question to enhance your spiritual practice integrating body, heart, mind and soul. To order your set today, go to Gena’s website.


Icicles, river, mist… I know I’m part of that cycle. What piques my curiosity is the within and the beyond of that.

From Bede Griffith’s Return to the Center: “There is a descent of the Spirit into matter and a corresponding ascent, by which matter is transformed by the indwelling power of the Spirit and the body is transfigured… For a Christian, this has already taken place in the resurrection of Christ…”

And the Christ has promised, “I shall return to take you with me, so that where I am you also may be.” ~John 14:3

The Message version of John 14-1-4 begins this way: “Don’t let this throw you. You trust God, don’t you? Trust me…”

“To see from within the light, we must become that light ourselves.” —Gena Davis, YogaMass: Embodying Christ Consciousness


There are those moments,
I could say ‘peeks’ of what piques
in which Love rings true.


An excerpt from “Hang On” by Tony Vick and Cindy Ford: “An occasional ray of hope peers through the brokenness allowing my heart to pump blood for one more beat … one more beat / Saying, “hang on … hang on … hang on to sanity … hang on to life … one more moment … just one more moment … breathe—for now is not your forever.”


“I believe everything has a soul.” ~Mary Oliver, Upstream


“I am thankful for the work of ELCA World Hunger. It is about helping build wells where water is most needed, about education, advocacy, working cooperatively. It is about believing that all the children of this world are God’s children.” ~Bishop Jeff Barrow, Greater Milwaukee Synod of the ELCA


Touch and be touched by the broken wings of love … eight(!) pages of notes to process from yesterday’s LEAD event with The Work Of The People


Yes, Jesus loves me… heart, soul, mind and strength

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