March 26


Darkness of Being

You abide in the wellspring,

balming my sadness.

Lightness of Being,

You effervesce the wellspring,

refreshing my joy.

“To find our way to… that fullness at the heart of everything: this is the journey straight to the wellsprings of Mystical hope.” —Cynthia Bourgeault, Mystical Hope

I am with you always. -Matthew 28:20


I’m warming up the markers for a couple new projects, choosing colors and working the themes. In the meantime a friend sent me a writeup on a triple spiral labyrinth, similar to the Guild’s. The article calls the center triangle space formed by the three pods “the nest of belonging.” I really like that.


“I found again in that long stumble towards grace a mercy and mystery that continues to sustain me.” ~Brian Ammons, Keep Watch with Me Lenten Reader


“The heart’s perception is pattern oriented. It perceives the whole and then discerns its own place within that whole.” ~Cynthia Bourgeault

Recently friends recommended the movie “Arrival” and I watched it on the plane. Although it was challenging to hear because of plane noise, i think one of its main messages is related to what Cynthia is talking about here.


“Is it God that rises up and brings justice, or is it us? The answer is ‘yes.'”~Dave Scherer, also known as AGAPE*, a hop-hop outreach artist from Minneapolis, MN


Spirit of gentleness, Spirit of restlessness


presenting the collaborative work painted at the Living Word Women’s Retreat in February 2014… ❤


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