March 28

Litany for Healthcare Workers During COVID-19
—Fran Pratt, March 27, 2020

God, we are besieged.
The numbers of ill and dying are mounting up.
The emotional rollercoaster is taking its toll.
The disruption to every aspect of life is undeniable.
As a nation, we were unprepared for such a crisis,
And our reserves are limited.
We lift to you those most affected:
The sick, and their caregivers,
Those doctors, nurses, and support people doing all they can
With what resources they have, to save lives.
We ask for your mercy to be upon them,
That they may be kept safe from disease,
Filled with professional wisdom,
Given bodily nourishment and rest,
Provided with adequate equipment,
Energized by supernatural means,
Supported by prayers of the people,
Relieved by more hands joining the work,
Resourced by state and federal leadership,
And that this crisis would come to a swift end.
We know many caring professionals are at the end of their strength,
So we pray that your spirit would meet them,
That your strength would become theirs,
That your love would bolster them.
We pray for the awakening of all people
So that each may do their part to stop the spread.
We pray for our country and our world,
That we may come into a more Christ-like consciousness.
Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.


Do you remember the opening scene from the movie Ice Age with the acorn-obsessed character named Scrat? That little spot inside the swirl toward the top of this image reminds me of that acorn… and the creative journey with this image felt a bit like that scene. 🙂

“God has left a little point wherein the soul turns back on itself and finds itself, and knows itself to be a creature.” —Meister Eckhart

“The Christian mystics… know that in union with God, human personality is neither lost nor converted into divine personality. But they also know the profound inadequacy of language to either hold or communicate these deep mysteries.” —Richard Rohr


“I feel the only real betrayal is when we betray our hearts which can see everyone in this world in their fullest deepest humanity.” ~Jo Berry, Keep Watch with Me Lenten Reader


“edge” ~ a word and concept found often in Mary Oliver’s Upstream


“Thank you for making the Lenten trek with us this season. Thank you for participating in the challenge to share bread with the world until all are fed. God’s richest blessings to you as you continue your journey throughout the fifty days of Easter.” ~The Rev. Ronald T. Glusenkamp, ELCA


Lean in… “Our yes deeply matters. The word for that yes is love.” –Richard Rohr


a reflection from the midweek Lenten service at Living Word

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