March 30

This image was inspired during an Evening Prayer offered by my friend, Jennifer.
“…the source [of hope] dwells deep within us and flows to us… so much so that it might be more accurate to say we dwell within it.” —Cynthia Bourgeault, Mystical Hope

Among and within
dwells Hope, sourced in the Mercy,
Love’s fierce connector.

Jim and I went for a walk yesterday and incidentally met up with a dear church friend in her car. Our response to seeing one another, even at six feet away, was one of such joy, it makes tears well up as I’m remembering it this morning.

Companionship is such a gift.


“Nothing is guaranteed—in theology or politics. … I heard, today, from someone who had the murderbook of their lover. Dead but still alive. It haunted me.” ~Pádraig Ó Tuama, Keep Watch with Me Lenten Reader


The Gospel liberates the inner light of love; and love can hold paradox. It’s funny and a first… the trinity person appears to be preaching at a pulpit today… or maybe just riding a wave on the love boat.


A few days ago my family and I listened to an old CD recorded by All Peoples Church in Milwaukee, WI… And ever since then, I’ve been waking up to Pastor Greg’s “Gooooooood Morning!” then the choir singing, “I will enter God’s gates with thanksgiving in my heart…” playing in my head. So, this page goes out to my good friends at APC.God wakes us to walk fully and faithfully into something already begun – prepared for us.


I think I shared the other side of this page a couple days ago. Interesting that the words today move outward… The flip side has them moving inward.


Notes from the sermon today at Living Word Lutheran Church… (and as always, some of my own interpretation sneaks in from time to time)


the breath prayer of “Yahweh” ~ so grateful for its ever-presence

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