April 1

Happy April, Dear Friend!


“If it could be shown to be true that our life is connected to an innermost essence of great profundity and power, and that access to it is through what is innermost in our own selves, then we would have not only a conceptual understanding of mystical hope, but a practical way of orienting ourselves toward it. Mystical hope would simply be what happens when we touch this innermost ground and it floods forth into our being as strength and joy.” —Cynthia Bourgeault, Mystical Hope


“The Christ Mystery is whenever matter and spirit are operating as one. ….You can really pretty much tell what people believe by their art. Art reveals our real theology.” -Richard Rohr in a talk for The Universal Christ

Art is a pivot

of matter and spirit…

light wholly anointed.


“Keep Watch with Me” writer & facilitator Michael McRay tells a story about Al Basma Center in Palestine and one particularly gifted weaver, Isa, who works there. In witnessing the Center’s healing work, Michael writes, “I see human beings previously disregarded, even buried away in caves, now alive to love and joy and belonging.”


From Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditations: “No matter the outcome of political machinations and the strivings of empire, there is a quiet stream of loving resistance that values the true riches of the Kingdom of God–the poor, the vulnerable, the oppressed, the marginalized. It is the way that leads to Life.” ~Ellen Haroutunian


Create in us dreams and visions. Excited for this new day at the Create In Me retreat at Lutheridge!




the top half for yesterday’s journal page

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