April 12

I ask you today to scroll all the way to the bottom of this post and then work your way up, looking at the images and words of the past seven years.


“In the middle of winter I discovered in myself an invincible summer.” —Albert Camus

Christ is risen!


This image’s inspiration was the theme of complaining. I wanted to convey the idea of how our grumbling fractures the body and that this brings about great sorrow. Still, we are held in a flood of love that won’t let us go. It brings to mind the heartache and longing of Jesus to gather us as he was about to enter Jerusalem.

As I sit a bit longer with this image, I see baptism.


Fluid moments surrender us to mystery.


“We flow into God–and God into us–because it is the nature of love to flow. And as we give ourselves into one another in this fashion, the vine gives life and coherence to the branch while the branch makes visible what the vine is. … The whole and the part live together in mutual, loving reciprocity, each belonging to the other and dependent on the other to show forth the fullness of love.” ~Cynthia Bourgeault


Thank you, Pastor Mary, for inspiring this prayer. Still pondering our time together at the ‘Create in Me’ retreat.


Rise Up Creative … The road awaits!


Jesus’ starting point was never sin, but human suffering.


I am grateful for this year’s Lenten Journey. After all this time reflecting on what it means to be marked with the cross of Christ, you’d think I would have an answer. Perhaps I am closer.

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