April 22


“The sheer roaring energy of things is stunning, miraculous, holy, a prayer, inexplicable, I give up. There is no word eloquent enough for the vast passion of living things.” -Brian Doyle

Plain sight miracles
soften our edges and wait—
Love leaps heart to heart.

“[Prayer] pierces to the heart of God, like a strong electric current coursing through the Mercy, subtly rearranging and revivifying everything.” —Cynthia Bourgeault, Mystical Hope

Happy Earth Day!


Praying leaves of healing tonight for someone I love.


Pondering how in this image, Sky and River form a kind of hourglass, with the mountain being the sands of time.


Happy Earth Day! This morning’s devotions stir in me thoughts on interconnectedness, something the earth so faithfully teaches.

“Sustainability is not an individual property, but is a property of an entire web of relationships.  It is a community practice.  This is the profound lesson we need to learn from nature.”  ~Fritjof Capra


Earth Day and Prince … much to ponder


“One massive living organism”

Creation cultivates community.


This journal page was created a couple years ago.  Yesterday as the LEAD team was brainstorming names for a concept, “Revolution” was suggested… we didn’t use it.  Today I was led to share this… and I’m left wondering whether “Revolution” indeed may have been the one.

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