May 7


“I must seek an unknowing / that is not a lack but / my only gain, taking me / beyond the press / of demands and desires / to an emptiness / where there is room for / You to be born / beyond all that I demand / to know and desire / to find, for You birth / Your Word in the space / of my silence and burn / as light in my dark.” —Meister Eckhart’s Book of the Heart by Jon M. Sweeney & Mark S. Burrows, p. 33


Stick this out, if you’re willing to go on the mystery ride that’s been my morning…

I was intrigued by these words from Elizabeth O’Connor because they so beautifully describe what happens at the Guild with communal moments of unguarded presence in our art making:

“We can create the climate and nurture the trust in which a deep giving of ourselves can happen. … What is involved is the recovery of love itself, the communion that is the deepest need of every life…” —Elizabeth O’Connor

Such creative communion celebrates our distinctness while integrating us into an infinitely generous love that is about relationship and connection.

…which brought to mind this journal page that had not yet been released. The word that runs through the “come and see” is fascia.

Fascia is a system of the body, densely woven, covering and interpenetrating every muscle, bone, artery, vein and organ. According to, fascia is one continuous structure that exists from head to toe without interruption. The website describes fascia as “a liquid crystalline matrix.”


The beauty of the world is Christ’s tender smile for us, coming through matter. ~Simone Weil


“The Resurrection is not a one-time miracle that proved Jesus was God. Jesus’ death and resurrection name and reveal what is happening everywhere and all the time in God and in everything God creates. Reality is always moving toward resurrection.” ~from Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation

“Seven Years of Wonder” is a daily look back at my creative journaling posts since 2014. I began this journey on Feb. 11, 2021, and hope to continue through Feb. 10, 2022. What am I learning about my art and faith journey thus far? What has remained constant? Where have I been changed? How is this impacting present and future art-making?

A deep bow of gratitude to you for keeping me company on this journey.

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