June 26

What to do with this longing to return to practice the note-taking of years past? Is it an invitation from the Spirit or a siren call?

Yesterday my husband was talking with a couple friends who are planning to rent a houseboat on the Mississippi. They told him that most people buy the rental company’s insurance because it’s likely the houseboat will sustain damage from sandbars.

This morning as I was sitting with my questions above, I said to myself that I felt like I was stuck on a sandbar. I scrolled again through the images and I looked more closely at the one from 2015. Go ahead, take a peek at the upper left corner and then come back here. ……………. How do I get my little ‘i’ boat back out to the vast Sea of Spirit?

Mother Teresa says, “Do that which stirs us to love.”






“Seven Years of Wonder” is a daily look back at my creative journaling posts since 2014. I began this journey on Feb. 11, 2021, and hope to continue through Feb. 10, 2022. What am I learning about my art and faith journey thus far? What has remained constant? Where have I been changed? How is this impacting present and future art-making?

A deep bow of gratitude to you for keeping me company on this journey.

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