October 20







“When midwives in the slave quarters delivered a child, they always looked to see if the child was born with a veil of membrane over its face. Being born with the gossamer veil was a sure sign that the child’s vision would reach to the heavens. Barefaced tots had flat-world eyes that screeched to a halt at apparent edges, but not the veiled ones. Behind those lids would scroll the cosmic visions of worlds unseen, and quantum dreams of wriggling, resonating, infinitesimal things.” —Barbara A. Holmes, Race and the Cosmos

“Seven Years of Wonder” is a daily look back at my creative journaling posts since 2014. I began this journey on Feb. 11, 2021, and hope to continue through Feb. 10, 2022. What am I learning about my art and faith journey thus far? What has remained constant? Where have I been changed? How is this impacting present and future art-making?

A deep bow of gratitude to you for keeping me company on this journey.

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