Native… A Beginning

I have been slowly listening to the audiobook, Native – Identity, Belonging and Rediscovering God by Kaitlin B. Curtice, connecting passages with moments around my Texas cabin, and creating images that attempt to hold the words, the moments, and something deeper, I sense, happening in me.

This particular creative journey is not quite done with me yet. Practically speaking, I’ve completed 15 chapters and there are five to go. 🙂

We may already be connected on Facebook and/or Instagram, in which case you may have already seen this work. If that’s the case, I hope there’s something about it that bears repeating for you.

It is more likely that you have not seen all of them, and I’d like to begin to share them with you.

This image was created while listening to the Introduction and Chapter 1, Land and Water, from Kaitlin Curtice’s book, Native: Identity, Belonging, and Rediscovering God.

Again, thanks for being right where you are. Be well, dear friend.

5 thoughts on “Native… A Beginning

    1. vondadrees says:

      Thank you, Deb. Good to hear from you! Jim and I recently hosted Courtney at our Texas cabin and she shared that the road to our cabin reminded her of the one to your place. 🙂


  1. James Abbott says:

    Vonda, it is always a joy to see the art you create and the words you send. I am 5 minutes a way from a zoom meeting with my spiritual director. But the title of the first chapter and picture are so appropriate. I spent 2 hours this morning cutting clumps of sword fern. We are under the regular summer fire watch, and Louise and I are trying to create the 100 ft of defensible space around our houses that the fire authorities recommend. So water and ferns come together for me this morning.

    Shalom – and keep them coming. Jim Abbott cell (979) 251-4992



    1. vondadrees says:

      Thank you, Jim. The ferns in the photo, as you likely know, remain all shriveled up and dead-looking most of the time. After a good, solid rain, though, they plump back to life in vivid green. It’s a remarkable transformation. I take it your sword ferns would have acted like tinder?


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