Thy kin-dom come.

“I think trees have a lot to teach us about what it means to be kin, and what it means to honor the work of creation. . . . Trees demonstrate community. They understand what it means to care for one another, to care for the whole as they care for themselves. . . .

As humans we are all connected at our root base. In our struggle to learn what it means to be human to one another and to care for this created world, we are constantly exchanging experiences with one another, good medicine with one another, stories and relationships that are borne from the deep well of God.” -Kaitlin Curtice, Native: Identity, Belonging, and Rediscovering God

The tree in the left of these images I’ve lovingly nicknamed “Shakira” because her “hips don’t lie.” Her trunk, in other words, is full of curve. To understand why this connects to Something Deeper for me, see the image (originally journaled on April 17, 2017) below.

“A curve is always beautiful because it’s truthful.” ~Sydney architect Tony Owen

Integral = necessary to make a whole complete

And now, a haiku…

Showy curves tell truths:

The Depth of Love can’t be plumbed

without your dance moves.

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