Let’s all be Mama to each other.

I listened to a recent sermon by my son Paul on the topic of change. With just a couple minutes remaining in the recording, at the height of a plea to be love, there was a little one whose cries for Mama could be distinctly heard. My heart melted when Paul paused and added, “…so, let’s all be Mama to each other.”

You can hear Paul’s sermon here – http://jacobswell.podbean.com/e/third-way-change/. Start listening at 24:00 and your Mama heart will melt, too.

I can think of no other love that is as primal as a mother’s love.


“When we fall into Primal Love, we realize that everything is foundationally okay—and we are a part of everything!” ~Richard Rohr

Julian of Norwich described God’s love as a mother’s love. Julian wrote, “All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.”

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