Ever have a Moses Morning?

Recently I was sitting at my desk in the River House and all of a sudden a blaze of yellow appeared to the left in the periphery of my vision. One could say it was a divine I AMbush.

It would make a better story to say I took my slippers off… truth is, though, I can’t remember if I was even wearing slippers. I just remember the glorious yellow.


“What we allow ourselves to see is what we eventually become.” ~Richard Rohr

When I journal there is often ink already on the page; such was the case with this image. The yellow stripes at the bottom were from past work of selecting a yellow and the yellow blob was a drip from an ink refilling. The journal, open to that page, sat ready at my right hand when the vision appeared to the left, and in-between was Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation on my laptop.

Creativity happens when we put ourselves in a posture of presence.

I’d love to have you join me at the Grünewald Guild this summer for some Creative & Contemplative Journaling.

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