Warming up to “7 Years of Wonder”

“7 Years of Wonder” will be a daily look back at my creative posts since 2014. What thoughts inspired me, what images did I create and share on this day over the past seven years?

What will be revealed in this process? I’m not sure. I just know that I’ve been enjoying what pops up in my Facebook memories for a while now, so much so that I want to capture it while we still have the tool!

How long will this go on? Well, I’m hopeful to post daily for the coming year. I would completely understand if the posts become too much and you need to unsubscribe. And 180o to that, if this is something that you’d like to share with friends, that would be great!

Why am I doing this? I sense this question returns me to the one about what will be revealed. I’m curious. What will I learn about my art and faith journey thus far? What has remained constant? Where have I been changed?

I began this social media art and faith journey on February 11, 2014. I welcome your feedback as I ponder a bit more about “7 Years of Wonder” in the coming week.

Until then, here we go with a sample of FEBRUARY 4’s images, along with the words that I originally posted with them.


Just keep painting.
Just keep painting.
Just keep painting,
painting, painting.

almost (maybe) ready to begin working on something other than the trees…


This painting created during Dreama Tolle Perry’s online course brought to mind the wildflowers of Texas.


I’m slowly beginning to realize it’s not what I do that‘s most important… it’s how I do it.

Gena Davis writes, “A deep sense of God’s abiding love for me began to permeate my existence.”


“Do you think there is anything not attached by its unbreakable cord to everything else?” ~Mary Oliver, Upstream


Fresh encounters… May we be open to them today.


SuRpRiSe !!

4 thoughts on “Warming up to “7 Years of Wonder”

    1. vondadrees says:

      Hi, Mary Ann! I appreciate your saying that so much! I’ve been wanting to find a way to honor/organize/catalog images created over the years, and this “7 Years of Wonder” seems like it might be a good discipline to do that. I also hope the experience will help inspire/ground me in the what-comes-nextness of life! In case you’re wondering, I do plan to continue to create new work during this time. 🙂


  1. Susan Okamoto Lane says:

    I love being able to explore your creative journey through your posts, both the visual creations and your reflections on your inspiration, courageous steps, discipline.


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