February 11

This post marks the beginning of looking back at 7 Years of Wonder! Here’s what I’ve shared on this day for the past 7 years:


Here’s a close up of my rendering of Paul’s bike, the bike that carried him 2,854 kilometers (1,773 miles) through Europe last summer.


This image had its beginnings during a retreat’s journaling session with the women of Grace Lutheran in Wenatchee. They were about to listen to the story of Rahab and then walk the Guild’s snowy labyrinth by firelight.


“Acceptance may seem impossible in some circumstances, and that is when we must simply breathe. … Breathing is a powerful form of meditation for centering us into the moment.” ~Gena Davis, YogaMass: Embodying Christ Consciousness


“Nothing is ever lost. The root energy of love sustaining all, the light which drives creation and the light by which we know it, become one in Christ.” ~Cynthia Bourgeault, Mystical Hope


“What if our understanding of God’s presence with us is spoken from one who rests behind a sign that says ‘hungry’?” ~Rev. Dan Rift … During Lent I will be sharing journaling images inspired by the 40 Days of Giving daily devotions from ELCA World Hunger.


Yesterday was my 365th Instagram post. Curiosity made me check the date on my very first post… Feb. 11, 2014.


journaling a moment of grace (…and playing around with instagram for the first time)
Context… I stopped at my usual bayou overlook during yesterday’s morning jog, walked around a bit, then settled in one spot where I was leaning over the railing, thinking and praying. An “unseen sound” made me look down between the slats and there it was, a perfect and beautifully crafted spiderweb that delighted my soul. It was right there all along, and had it not been for that “unseen sound,” I would have never noticed it. Do you ever wonder about wonder?

So, there we have it… my first post of “7 Years of Wonder,” a daily look back at my images since 2014.

And goodness gracious, check out that closing question of the very first post! Has it been waiting seven years for this day to come?!

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