February 27

On this day and always, may you be embraced in love, recognizing you are rainbow-stained, just the way you are.

P. S. I’m humming the song with you.


The Gospel according to Mr. Rogers: It’s you I like, It’s not the things you wear, It’s not the way you do your hair, But it’s you I like.

The way you are right now, The way down deep inside you. Not the things that hide you, Not your toys, They’re just beside you.

It’s you I like. Every part of you. Your skin, your eyes, your feelings, Whether old or new.

I hope that you remember, Even when you’re feeling blue. That it’s you I like. It’s you yourself. It’s you. It’s you I like.


“Only when I felt totally alone could I see: they surrounded me, and God with them, with us.” ~Sarah Pinson, Keep Watch with Me Lenten Reader


“I have wrestled with the angel and I am stained with light and I have no shame.” ~Mary Oliver, Upstream


“We can raise funds and support programs that feed children. We can send snacks to elementary schools and backpacks of food to homes for the weekend. We can advocate for government programs that support families and give children an opportunity to grow up healthy and strong.” ~Bishop Jessica Crist, Montana Synod of the ELCA


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