February 26

Lots of pondering belovedness happened on this day… belovedness in the already and the yet-to-come. I also see that the Upstream journaling images began on this day in 2017. I nicknamed that the “Mint Chocolate Chip” series. You’ll see why. 🙂


new leaves and Northern Lights…


Amidst the daily

let’s live large love in small ways,

practicing presence.

We are a net of Christ-love, a matrix holding together all the patterns of self-emptying and ongoing transformation.

“If you’ve opened your loving to God’s love, you’re helping people you don’t know and have never seen.”—Rumi

“Conversion is always moving from ‘I’ to ‘we’.” —Richard Rohr


On the sixth anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s murder, Rev. Naomi Tutu shares, “The wilderness I live in day after day is Hagar’s, knowing my children are seen as Sarah saw Ishmael: a threat, not children deserving of care and protection. Knowing that those who abuse or even kill them will always be given the benefit of the doubt. My wilderness experience is wondering when we will all be seen as fully human, wandering in search of the Beloved Community.”


“May I stay forever in the stream.” ~Mary Oliver, Upstream


“Our presence as God’s people is not to act as saviors or naive do-gooders; we are to be the ones who see the gift that is already present. We seek shalom–a marriage of peace and prosperity. And only once the abandoned corners of the empire have found their shalom can any of us enjoy the peace and prosperity God desires for all.” ~The Rev. Steve Jerbi, All Peoples Church, Milwaukee


notes from Jan Richardson’s Beloved online retreat


Last night in our Way group, we talked about identity… this journal page reminds me of our conversation. To help you out… it’s a bird rising out of its nest. 🙂 May you know your beloved-ness today.

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