February 25

On February 17, 2021, a dear friend and mentor, Grünewald Guild Co-Founder Liz Caemmerer, slipped through eternity’s keyhole, returning to God. Liz talked with me a lot about the disciple’s head-to-heart journey. She frequently had a book or poem to recommend during our visits. She loved Mary Oliver, Wendell Berry, Rumi, Rilke; weaving, writing haiku, labyrinth walking were her spiritual practices. She also loved and valued community. For many, many years she was a full-time physical therapist AND cooked for the Guild community of artists. As many stories as I have about Liz, I wish for more. In her honor I’ve been creating an outdoor triple spiral labyrinth near my home, and I’ve already sensed her presence there.


“It is the pilgrimage from the head to the heart, moving us from intellect to experience, from thinking to feeling, from structure to creativity, from doing to being. This is the journey of aliveness…” —Gena Davis, YogaMass: Embodying Christ Consciousness

This morning I’ve been pondering ‘the journey of aliveness’. I’m grateful for the Love that scoops me up in my own stumblings in this from-to-ness.

“I am the way…” ~ “I am the flow…” “When I surrendered to it, allowed the flow to happen, I experienced a leap of joy.” —Richard Rohr

Could joy be a key?


notes from today’s sermon by Pastor Misael Fajardo Perez at Faith Lutheran Church Leavenworth


“I had plenty of hope to share.” ~Brittany Sky, Keep Watch with Me Lenten Reader


In memory and honor of those whose lives have born witness to creativity and love, the Finisterre at the Grünewald Guild will be a place to contemplate, gather, remember and create… a place to listen as deep time shines forth.


“How powerful it is to live with the light of hope and continue to answer God’s baptismal call to spread light in this world by ‘giving them something to eat.’~Pastor Yehiel, Shekinah Chapel, Riverdale, IL


Journaling with the question, “What does it mean to be marked with the cross of Christ?”, LEAD’s Lenten theme beginning next week

3 thoughts on “February 25

  1. Theepunch@gmail.com says:

    Liz taught me to weave at a couple of private retreats to the Guild. And took me to church with her in Leavenworth. I loved how stern and kind she was at the same time. When i told her my problem with a stole i had previously woven at the guild of several different kinds of fiber, she stopped. “What kind of fiber?” It was bamboo and chenille, and the chenille edges kept curling up. “I didn’t let you put those together, did I?” No, she hadn’t, it was someone else. “I didn’t think so! I never would have let you do that, of course the chenille would curl up!” It made me smile. She helped me weave a white and gold stole for Easter, and it was lovely. I always thought of her when i wore it. I am sure the Guild is not the same without her.

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