February 24

I’m beginning to settle into the rhythm of this process of downloading, saving, and filing my images in this Seven Years of Wonder project. As that becomes routine, insights are given space.


Extra! Extra! … A bonus 16×20 made with the excess paint from my last dozen or so paintings. While I like painting with just one brush, a practice I learned during the online class I took, it did involve a lot of brush cleaning onto paper towels between colors, which I didn’t like. I decided to put the extra paint on a canvas.

Leftover Lovelies? A Calabash Bouquet? (family joke) Flashy Floral Fun? It’s a little wacky and makes me smile.

Fun to note: This painting now resides in the home of an ELCA Bishop.


“The breath of God that gives us life also gives each of us a share in God’s life, in God’s creative Spirit, as our souls open up to a life in God’s Spirit. … Are you breathing or are you being breathed?” —Gena Davis, YogaMass: Embodying Christ Consciousness


Storyteller and retired United Methodist minister Michael Williams remembers Monday, May 4, 1970, and writes, “[T]hat day I carried with me the stark realization that, if I was going to work for peace, I would be devoting myself to a life of struggle and conflict, perhaps one of life and death.”


Final image in this series… I’m so grateful for this past six weeks through Gena Davis’s YogaMass: Embodying Christ Consciousness. Great group, great conversations, great book. Yep… great-full.


pondering finisterre at the water’s edge


Grateful for this evening’s worship at St. Paul in Phillipsburg. Pastor Robert Sorenson, thank you for a wonderful message that had me humming ‘Day by Day’ as I thought about how our ears are gates of beauty.

Vonda’s note: Pastor Sorenson died a couple years ago. In 2016, he invited me to be part of his church’s evening Lenten service to facilitate an art experience. I took notes during his message that night and because of these notes, part of his story lives now in me.


“This Lent we are invited to listen carefully for God’s voice in our lives. The move from prayer, to recognition of our need for God, to acknowledging our relationship with hungry neighbors teaches us to open our hands to ensure that all creatures have what they need.”~Bishop Patricia Lull, Saint Paul Area Synod of the ELCA


Intercessory prayer was the chapter from Bishop Mike’s Learning to Pray Again… I saw a statue in a museum today that seemed to express that idea well, so I journaled it.


thoughts from Paul S Minear’s “The Kingdom and the Power”

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