February 23

Along with the creative memories of February 23rd, comes an invitation to look again through the lens of God, the lens of love. Perhaps this calls for a walk outside with my camera…


Waiting patiently — and yes, it will be a while still — for Spring Beauty’s appearance.


“For those who can see, Christ shines in this diaphanous universe, through the cosmos and in matter.” —Ilia Delio

From Gena’s book comes a quote by Jewish writer Marcia Falk who tells of her experience of the Sabbath: “Three generations back my family had only to light a candle and the world parted. Today, Friday afternoon, I disconnect clocks and phones. When night fills my house with passages, I begin saving my life.”

Diaphanous time.

In opening we receive

parting and passage.

What passages are saving my life?


“You know the nudge. … I felt like my wanderings had led me home. In the midst of chaos and loss I experienced life in a way that transformed me.” ~Ingrid McIntyre, Keep Watch with Me Lenten Reader


“Around the table, people meet at the level of their most basic need—not just for food, but also for each other.” ~Gena Davis, YogaMass: Embodying Christ Consciousness


Finisterre… a place of Wild Imagination


“Creating my meals from this bag* has turned into a favorite spiritual discipline. Using the ingredients to their full potential to nourish my body, challenge my mind and intentionally practice sabbath in the midst of busy weeks centers and prepares me for my call.”~Jennifer Sharrick, ELCA Nebraska Synod Hunger Team

*a bag filled with locally grown fruits and vegetables, local cheese or a dozen farm-fresh eggs, and a loaf of bread


You can’t see the words, “help me dwell in the moment” which are on the left side of this page. I was journaling with thoughts from both Bishop Mike’s Learning to Pray Again and Jan Richardson’s daily meditation… and I do believe that gelato is on my mind, too.


notes from Pastor Emmanuel’s sermon at Living Word on 2/23/14.


Connecting the hands and hearts of the youth from the Lutheran Churches of the Central African Republic and Peru. Artwork created by a youth of Emanuel Lutheran Church in Collique, Perú, inspired one of the young women on scholarship at the Maigaro Technical High School in CAR, to share this song. Let’s join voices to sing to our God!

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