February 22

“Open” is a common thread woven on this day through Seven Years of Wonder. Might there be wisdom in walking through this day with an open heart, open mind?


“[I]nstead of saying that God came into the world through Jesus, maybe it would be better to say that Jesus came out of an already Christ-soaked world. The second incarnation flowed out of the first…” —Ilia Delio

“I pray to be in the flow: to be present in it without fear and without resistance, simply gracefully riding the wave of life energy that is me and all of creation around me.” —Gena Davis, YogaMass: Embodying Christ Consciousness

Grace re-arranges

as ‘scared’ revealing ‘sacred’.

Way opens again.


“In this season I am learning how to… open the doors of my heart so that I may be transformed by it.” ~Rev. Jennifer Bailey


This image brings to mind a fun memory of a friend (a-hem, David from All Peoples) who was so in the flow of worship one morning that as he was preachin’ from the piano, emphasizing that “all” really meant ALL, he spelled it out, “A-W-L” … I love that memory so much… and I love that David even more.


“To be hungry during Lent is to hunger for the words: always being made new. …To be hungry during Lent is to hunger to hear: You. Today. With Me. Paradise.”~The Rev Ignaki Unzaga, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Passaic, NJ

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