March 7

I can look at each of these images created on this day over the years and remember exactly where I was, each one curiously enough coming to fruition in different physical locations, and none of them my home at the time. Still, there is a familiarity in the creative edges of those places, a humbling place for artists. Perched, patient, expectant, we wait and listen for the next step home.


“The Selma 2.0 Movement seeks to bridge divides and build the Beloved Community. It seeks to help move us from the wilderness and into the Promised Land but each of us must choose to consistently humble ourselves.” ~Ainka Sanders Jackson, Keep Watch with Me Lenten Reader


Mary Oliver writes, “Almost over night the honey locust trees have let down their many tassels of blossoms, small white flasks filled with the sweetest honey. I gather handfuls and, for a second hold them against my face. The fringes of paradise: summer on earth.”

Pondering the holding of questions before us, like Mary did with the honey locust blossoms, their curvaceous curiosity at the edges of vulnerable unknowing and something new being birthed.


“We have the audacity to believe that God is at work in our midst despite the addictions, the hunger, the mental illness and the homelessness. We dare to trust that God is calling us into new life now.” ~The Rev. Margaret Mary Kelly, Shobi’s Table, St. Paul, MN


Working on a mind image for the LEAD website. This one has stumped me a little.


From Living Word’s daily Lenten texts… “We are called to look at those around us and pray. Lord, help me find the ways to humbly love, be kind and seek justice today. Amen.”

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