March 8

To be moved by the love of God requires an openness to play, to question, to be in relationship.


“There is a point where intuition, having passed through the realms of darkness and twilight into the Sun, now passes beyond… into the pure joy of the spirit.” —Bede Griffiths, The Marriage of East and West


“As we humbly allow the true love, that is Jesus Christ, to come into our hearts, in Selma, Alabama, in our nation, and in our world, we know our collective resurrection is coming.” ~Malika Sanders Fortier, Keep Watch with Me Lenten Reader


a true moment of left brain vacation while journaling… or perhaps it was a right brain takeover? …surrounder?

Whatever it was, it made me laugh this morning.


“How quickly we blame the victim of injustice, like the followers of Jesus in Luke 13:1-5. In telling them to ‘repent,’ literally to ‘turn,’ he is urging them to re-orient their way of seeing the world. … We, too, must recognize the lies that blame the victims of poverty, and ask the question, ‘Who is really responsible for this injustice? And how can we together build the power to change injustice?'” ~The Rev. John Cummings, Grace in Action, Detroit


Marked with the Cross of Christ…
You are invited at all times to share your feelings, memories or thoughts as you ponder being marked with the cross of Christ. On Saturdays, this is especially true. Saturdays, during Lent, will be a time for your input. Was there something that touched you during the week? Was there a word or phrase? Was there an image? Be part of the conversation today.

I journaled the responses of our brothers and sisters in Peru.


Let us pray for women in all the world.

Oremos por las mujeres en todo el mundo.

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