March 11

My husband and I have been working toward converting a screened-in back porch into a studio. He plans to create stained glass and I’ve been itching to pull out the oils again. Seeing this memory from 2020 makes it even more so, especially with Texas wildflower season coming soon.

Weave us ‘round and ‘round,
Crown our feet with compassion.
Love, be our passage.

“As body, we are part of the earth, and just like all of reality, the physical organism of our body is a structure of energies through which we are part of the physical universe, connected to every element of creation from the beginning of time.” —Cyprian Consiglio

“When the chakras are cleared, and the emotional and physical blockages are released, an opening in the crown chakra allows for an energetic exchange with the universal energy field. … When I am in this state of sharing and receiving, I am fully aware of God’s presence around me and within me and my connection with all of creation.” —Gena Davis, YogaMass: Embodying Christ Consciousness


“As a Palestinian Christian, I have the responsibility of sharing with the world the reality of living under occupation. With so much death and pain and suffering in my country, the Right to Movement campaign has helped give new life to my people.” ~George Zeidan, Keep Watch with Me Lenten Reader


“So quickly, without a moment’s warning, does the miraculous swerve and point to us, demanding that we be its willing servant.” ~Mary Oliver, Upstream


‘Today, 200 million people in our world have had to leave home due to war, famine or disaster. … Want to come face to face with Jesus? Look no further than the eyes of the hungry, thirsty immigrant.” ~Bishop Mike Rinehart, TX-LA Gulf Coast Synod of the ELCA


sharing part of an earlier page with Jan Richardson’s Beloved retreat


so messy… and one of my favorites

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