March 18

It is a gift when we recognize that we are a part of the great fullness of Love, called to be present and, when we’re ready, realize the wonder of Love’s harmony.


“…the whole,
where-ever which way we stand,
is ever only part established
in our vision,
and our hearing.
But the fullness of it all
keeps coming round,
turning like a change of perspective,
while all we need do
is be present at the still-point
standing as a lure to draw
the birds.”
—an excerpt from Ana Lisa de Jong’s poem, “Stillpoint”


“Harmony is the source of all manifestation.” —Hazrat Inayat Khan

“Singing from your soul connects you with a wondrous power inside you. It bypasses the rational mind, opens your heart… It’s like falling in love. Singing ignites the entire electromagnetic field of your heart, switching on the whole lightbulb of the brain, and awakens your soul into a way of being where all and everything is possible.” —Chloe Goodchild

One thing I do know is that when we sing a mealtime prayer at the Guild and close with a long, harmonic amen, the goosebumps are out-of-control abundant.

A haiku to connect the ponder dots of the morning:
Harmonic amens
manifest resurrection
in fleshy goosebumps.


“It is an almost unbearable shine of thankfulness that has been injected into our entirely normal looking lives.” ~Chris Haw, Keep Watch with Me Lenten Reader


“The universe is full of radiant suggestion.” ~Mary Oliver, Upstream


pondering the self-giving nature of creativity


“…wonder where God’s Spirit will next open your eyes to see someone in a new light, to see the Christ who is already in them.” ~Bishop Mark W. Holmerud, Sierra Pacific Synod of the ELCA


The notes from Richard Rohr go on to say “always in the direction of mercy and inclusivity.” I became aware this morning of reading them the other way, “inclusivity and mercy of direction in the Always, union divine.” I can’t help it… I’m wired to look at things from different angles.


Journaling the story of the road to Emmaus, used during last year’s Disciple Project. Check out the Disciple Project, a cross-cultural, cross-generational leadership school.

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