March 19


Grateful for a friend who is holding me accountable to showing up to my easel. Here’s the work-in-process currently on it.

I find it curious that working with my markers as I prepare for an upcoming online class is comforting me. Last night, though, after asking over and over again while painting, “What am I really seeing?”, I felt more ready for sleep.


“What might it mean
for folk like you and me
to wake, walk, wonder, and live each golden day differently?
Much is said about ‘making a difference’,
but when motivations and manners remain the same,
nothing really seems to change.
Perhaps the invitation
of spring’s explosion
is to be made different, from the inside out.

Would you dare to dispel indifference
by living lightly, as you shoulder the yoke
of this day’s wonders and woes with rinsed eyes?”
—Joe Grant

“Inner opening…of the heart…is a posture of strength. This is the way to new life, to offer oneself in an act of heart opening, of vulnerability, of love.” —Gena Davis, YogaMass: Embodying Christ Consciousness


Sarah Elizabeth Smith writes in the Keep Watch with Me Lenten Reader, “I create out of my pain because Christ’s life and resurrection give me hope. Hope that I can help make other’s lives better, make my life better.”


In describing experiences with the natural world for Wordsworth and for herself, Mary Oliver writes, “Something touched, between us and the universe. It does not always happen. But if it does, we know forever where we live, no matter where we sleep, or eat our dinner, or sit at table and write words on paper.”


working on an image for the upcoming Holy Week… this came while journaling through RichardRohr’s Immortal Diamond


“It is the third Saturday of the month at Bethel Lutheran Church [on Chicago’s west side] and the Taste and See ministry is in full swing. … Taste and See is an outreach to the community that shares God’s love and welcome”. ~The Rev. Wyvetta Bullock, assistant to the presiding bishop, ELCA


Journaling with Jan Richardson’s Beloved retreat, inspired by Garrison Dole’s “Patrick on the Water” song


…and part 2 of the road to emmaus

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