March 22


Still in process… I enjoyed a couple more hours at the easel last night.


“Today, breathe. / Listen, behind the factory noises of your panic / The birds are singing again / The sky is clearing, / Spring is coming, / And we are always encompassed by Love.” —an excerpt from “Lockdown” by Fr. Richard Hendrick, OFM

“What you dare not hope for—that is what [Love] gives you.” —Frère Roger, Taizé Community


“Love to all of us in the thick of despair and depression, to all of us struggling to find and maintain hope, to all of us making meaning of our lives and collective future, in these times. Love to myself as I open to the pain as well as the beauty of being alive.” ~Chris Crass, Keep Watch with Me Lenten Reader


attentiveness, imagination, connection


“Derramemos perfumes caros y de olor grato a Dios, hagámoslo siempre en fe! Let us pour expensive oils with a scent pleasing to God; let us do it always in faith!” ~The Rev. Dr. Patricia Cuyatti, Lutheran World Federation


When we love we give and receive pieces of ourselves.


Wow… Nadia gave us a lot to think about during her talks at the LEAD event today. This is page 1… I took 4 pages of notes. Part of me wants to save the posting until I have them all done, but the other part of me is itching to share. Please realize there’s some of my own stuff in here, too… questions, things I pondered while processing the notes, prayers, etc.


On the way to listen to Nadia Bolz-Weber at Messiah Lutheran Church in Cypress, TX… so excited… here’s a journal page created with her audio Ash Wednesday sermon


Here’s a journal page with this week’s scripture, Ephesians 2:14-16. The page was created while listening to an audio sermon of Richard Rohr.

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