March 21


“And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.” —Revelation 22:2

May it be so.


Holding, Letting Go…

Opening to Sacred Play

in Christ Consciousness

Today YogaMass Author Gena Davis and I welcome participants in our first retreat together at the Grünewald Guild. We’ll practice yoga, we’ll practice art, we’ll practice Christ Consciousness. This image was inspired by darkness’s light, as my soul embraced the early morning play between the full moon and the bright snow.


“Our job as followers of Christ is not to tell people that the tomb is empty. Instead, we need to show people, through our actions, that Jesus is alive.” ~Mark Charles, Keep Watch with Me Lenten Reader


“Like Jesus, a good host invites not only because there is hunger but because there is exclusion. A good host invites not only because there is food to share but because there is power to share. Are we ready to do so?” ~The Rev. Teresita (Tita) Valeriano, San Francisco Bay Area


A page journaled with a Richard Rohr writing on grace and love that a friend suggested months ago… It turned out nothing like I had been imagining … I’ll share the rest of the image tomorrow.


I love beginning new journal pages with the ink bleed-through from the previous page. That’s how this one began. If you’re curious about what that means, you can look at the instagram photo I previously posted. RESURRECTION power!

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