April 15


Cynthia Bourgeault writes about the relationship with her teacher, Rafe: “…by rejoining him over and again at that innermost point of the Mercy our life not lived in time would re-create itself in love.”

Path of Unfolding,

reduction is seduction.

Soul’s kindergarten.

What is essential?

Although we say, ‘Time will tell,”

Love has final say.


“Moments of knowing can never be planned. They are given to us. Our responding ‘yes’ is given to us as well. We can not force it. We can only recognize it and then gratefully receive it.” —Gunilla Norris, Sheltered in the Heart
‘Yes’ opens something
within that renders wholeness,
a dollop of grace.
Grateful for Anne Edison-Albright’s invitation to create some images to accompany a new resource for worshiping communities on an academic calendar. I believe the resource will be called Blessed is the Lectionary: Seasons and Texts for the Academic Year. This creative work is being funded by a Vital Worship Grant from the Calvin Institute on Worship.


“The whole world is a sacrament.” ~Richard Rohr

Grateful for yesterday’s walk and talk with dear friends… communion for my soul.


pondering the mystery that somehow today, this day in between death and life, life is still…


“Using art to reveal what is behind the veil of matter is fascinating and full of discoveries.” ~Seb Janiak


Rise Up Creative … Nature shows us how.


Luke 9:23 (The Message)

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