April 14


“…You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” —Rumi

I admit I’m enjoying the latest music videos bringing together otherwise isolated artists. Their songs make me feel good.

And that brings to mind another favorite quote from Seth Godin: “…Just about everything is ultimately a singalong.”

It’s how we’re wired.


“It is in the womb of silence that we can grow ideas for the best course of action to take and ensure that such action is rooted in compassion and wisdom.” —Mirka Knaster

I share here what is likely still becoming the image for the theme of “Thriving.” It was the first of the seven images that I colored and I learned some things that I chose to do differently in subsequent images. Still… to me this image has something to convey regarding Palm Sunday, the day we shout Hosanna, the day that marks the beginning of Passion Week.

“We cannot make the kingdom of God happen, but we can put out leaves as it draws near. We can be kind to each other. We can be kind to ourselves.” —Frederick Buechner

“How can we say what silence and quiet attention reveal to us?
In every moment, we are presented with arrays of some assorted light,
too complicated to name or fully notice.
Yet in an instant we can rest upon a small ‘pointe vierge’
and there be born anew…”
—Anne Marie Walsh, an excerpt from her poem, “Deep Within”


A couple months ago, Artist Carrie Newcomer wrote in her Speed of Soul Thought – Standing Strong Together, “But today, again, I felt my heart sink, and I must cast my stone in the river of resistance.”

It brought to mind a passage from Mary Oliver’s “Upstream.” Mary doesn’t cast a stone, though, she casts her whole body in, “My heart opened, and opened again. The water pushed against my effort, then its glassy permission to step ahead touched my ankles. The sense of going toward the source.”

When has art called you to cast a stone, even perhaps wade, into the river of resistance?


“Christian worship today ends in silence, and for a powerful reason. Who can speak when the evil of this world, and our participation in it, kills God?” ~ Benjamin Durheim


“God called the world into being and that call goes on. … Every instant is an act of creation .” –Abraham Heschel


Palm Sunday 2014


I imagine Hebrews 12:1-2 to be a beloved passage for long-distance runners… in The Message translation, “joy” is “that exhilarating finish.”

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