April 17

As I was creating tags for this post, I started typing ‘tru…’ and up popped ‘truth’ as an option. I almost used it and then considered how differently the word ‘truthful’ felt, which is the word from the 2018 quote. I chose ‘truthful’.


Fall afresh on me,

Spirit of the Living God ~

Reverb through my flesh.

“…we are… living cells. The body of Christ, the body of hope, the Mercy: they are all one and the same thing. They are the unknown heart of God flung outward into accessible form so that nothing contained within that great outpouring can ever be lost or disappear—no idea, no possibility, no creature, no loved one.” —Cynthia Bourgeault, Mystical Hope


“The zest for living requires a sense that our lives are making a difference in terms of the whole that has not yet fully come into being. … God allows the Divine Self to be somewhat textured by what happens in the creation that God has made incarnate… By entering into the flesh of the Cosmos, …God takes the whole cosmic process into the Divine Self and is interested that that world becomes such as to be able to open itself fully… and that’s a process.” —John F. Haught in an audio interview with Brie Stoner at the Omega Center

“We are always looking for ways to concretize or name the ineffable experience of [the] objectless sense of intimacy in our Cosmos.” —Brie Stoner


“A curve is always beautiful because it’s truthful.” ~Sydney architect Tony Owen

Something is coming together in my morning ponderings as I sit with this theme of River Flow. It relates to the quiet voice that runs from attention as it makes connections and helps me know when the movement on a page is complete. I’m sensing that my fascination with Calc 222 at UW-Madison is somehow related too. (It’s been 30+ years since that class; I figure it’s time to confess my love for it.)

These are mysterious days.


While nursing tendonitis, I’m choosing to revisit, reflect on, and share past images. This one is a page of sermon notes post-Easter from Pastor Jeremy Freye at Living Word Lutheran Church.


Art is sometimes shy. … Yesterday on Facebook I posted an album called “Small Wonders” with photos of little masterpieces from nature that have touched my heart over the past couple years at our cabin. This morning I have a feeling it influenced my journaling.


So excited about tomorrow’s Rise Up Creative event!


Notes from Maundy Thursday Worship at Living Word Lutheran Church


a page created during The Way, a small group experience offered through LEAD, waytolead.org. I’m thinking about facilitating a group beginning in September 2014 that would meet weekly via an online conferencing tool, processing the curriculum together through the spiritual discipline of art journaling. Let me know if you’re interested. Since we would connect electronically, geography is not a factor.

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