April 24

Welcome to April 24! I include a couple of photo memories as well because they bring lovely, sensible qualities to the creative memories of this day.


Clouds let go for joy

is eternal and love flows

in surrendered ways.

“Water the earth with the tears of your joy, and love those tears.” —Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

“And as hope, the hidden spring of mercy deep within us, is released in that touch and flows out from the center, filling us with the fullness of God’s own purpose living itself into action, then we discover within ourselves the mysterious plenitude to live into action what our ordinary hearts and minds could not possibly sustain.” —Cynthia Bourgeault, Mystical Hope

Bear with these words if you’d like a glimpse of what stirred in me as I journaled this morning.

Do you see the three loops starting at the upper left spiraling down? That’s my representation of Trinity, ever flowing in, with and through everything, including us. Notice the direction of the path of transformation is a descent. Notice the individual rays of the sun. As I was adding and adjusting them one to another, I was also taking into account how the whole was affected.

Practicing creativity allows me to embody flow, to be touched by “little bangs” of Spirit and matter coming together in the “yes”es of creative process.

How are continuity and change present in your daily life? How we embody this flow makes a difference in our well-being.


Sacred Arts Week has just begun at the Grunewald Guild. I am grateful to be experiencing Scott Burnett and Laurie Rudel’s “Word to Image, Image to Word” class. The text focus for the week is the Emmaus story which has brought to mind this journaling image.


Grateful to have another Pastor Emmanuel Jackson sermon in my journal! Living Word is in the middle of a sermon series on the fruit of the Spirit… Today’s fruit? Patience.


“Everywhere, every day, the light shines on.” ~Kayla McClurg


Could she be any lovelier?

[2021 note: This is my daughter Ellen photographed by Amanda Faucett.]


Drawn to the words on this journal page today… Not sure why, perhaps because it’s Arbor Day … To tweak Joyce Kilmer’s poem I recited with elementary school classmates every year: Pages “are made by fools like me, But only God can make a tree.”


Arise and come away ~ now the rain is over and gone ~ the flowers appear ~ let me see your face. ~from the Song of Solomon


simply intoxicating…

[2021 note: Jasmine growing along our fence when we lived in Katy, Texas.]

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