April 25

In April 2020 I asked my dear friend, Liz, for a book recommendation to offer as an online journaling session. She thought for a bit and brought out Meister Eckhart’s Book of the Heart: Meditations for the Restless Soul by Jon M. Sweeney and Mark S. Burrows. That online session with friends helped me breathe a way through re-creating the Guild’s 2020 Summer Program. Little did I know, though, that that creative time would also be the seed for anti-racism work that was coming.


“Ours is not the work of seeking You here or there where we think You might be, but of opening the heart’s door, and when we do this You cannot resist coming in, since our opening and Your entering are one…”—Meister Eckhart


As a kid, I loved playing the game called Perfection. Most times I could beat the timer, but there were times the pieces would fly. Funny that the pieces that gave me the biggest challenge were the two that looked like the shape at the middle of this image.

“The seed that is to grow must lose itself as seed; And they that creep may graduate through chrysalis to wings. Wilt thou then, O mortal, cling to husks which falsely seem to you the self?” –Wu Ming Fu, Twelfth Century


By way of the River, we are set free.


Practice peace…. the charge from my son Paul’s first-ever sermon to a congregation last Sunday.


Between the dreaming and the coming true, there’s a bridge.


holy spaces, indeed


Truly I tell you, the kingdom of heaven is like a cactus that never stops growing.

2021 note: Abraham was a 24-foot cactus that came with our house in Katy. It bloomed one crazy-big flower the year after we moved in. I’m grateful to my friend, Amy, who got on the floor to capture this photo.

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