April 27


Grateful for a recent commission to create an image inspired by Galatians 3:28 focusing on “for all are one in Christ Jesus.” Hope stirs in my heart as a young person chooses this for her confirmation verse.


Yesterday in our “Image to Word and Word to Image” class, we practiced the subtractive method by shading a page and then erasing. I began with a sculpture that was before me, which I learned was too big a challenge in the time I had allotted, I then moved on to the clump of little leaves that were peeking from the stump where I was sitting (still a challenge). I finally settled on a leaf. One leaf. It was still a bit of a struggle with my left hand. What came out, though, reminded me of this journal image from years ago.


Lately there’s been one journal page that keeps me coming back to it. I shared part of it yesterday, and here’s another part of it today.


Falling in love with the rainforest


Notes from Jason Thomas’s sermon at Living Word Lutheran Church today… it will likely live on as one of the most memorable sermons I have ever experienced.


wishing you a day of holy curiosity

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