April 28


Light-flowing stitches

holding us together —

one bright evolution.


Love’s holy presence

within our every breath,

always abiding.


Love is infinitely deep.

Thanks be to Love.


From Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation: “Suffering is the only thing strong enough to destabilize the imperial ego. It has to be led to the edge of its own resources, so it learns to call upon its Deepest Source.”

Rohr’s words remind me of others from Saint Oscar Romero of El Salvador: “Hay muchas cosas que sólo pueden ser vistas a través de ojos que han llorado.” (There are many things that can only be seen through eyes that have cried.)


Honest to goodness, I thought this page was finally done, so I blogged it today. And nope, not done. Maybe it’s just time to turn the page.


smitten with Pura Vida


a little snippet from yesterday’s sermon at Living Word in Katy, TX.


In humble gratitude for 31 years of marriage

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