April 29


Preparing for an artist talk this morning… 3 stories, 2 practices and 1 assignment to hold something dear. That’s my outline anyway. We’ll see what happens on this first day of Opening at Sacred Arts.

“I’m awed by the way that embracing everything… invites the grace of wholeness.” —Neale Donald Walsh


So… if you happen to be in the Grünewald Guild neighborhood on June 4th, please join us for this celebration of legacy! And… if you can’t be there physically, we would be ever-so-grateful if you joined us in Spirit.


Holy Mystery … within our very breath and beyond our imagining.


Grateful for moments of beauty and poets like Rumi and authors like Barbara Brown Taylor


Learn the joy of giving yourself away.

Today is my son David’s birthday, so I can’t help but gather up the photos that I’ve shared of him on this day over the years. Some were current; some from the past. The world is definitely a better place with him in it.

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