May 16

Double WOW… There’s just one post to be shared from this day over the past seven years, and… Today is my son’s 30th birthday.


“There is a kabbalistic story in which the boundless, formless unified Holy One wishes to know its Holy Self, and so it contracted and poured itself into vessels. But the Divine Radiance was too much for these limited containers, and so they shattered, scattering shards of broken light across the universe, giving birth to all that is. … Humans, as the teaching goes, were created to excavate and lift the shards of light from the dense predicament of existence and restore the vessels to wholeness. In mystical Judaism, this teaching is known as ‘tikkun olam,’ the mending of the world. … It means slowing down enough to let the pain of the world all the way into our hearts, allowing our hearts to break open, and acting from that broken-open space.” —Mirabai Starr, Wild Mercy

Happy Birthday, Paul!

“Seven Years of Wonder” is a daily look back at my creative journaling posts since 2014. I began this journey on Feb. 11, 2021, and hope to continue through Feb. 10, 2022. What am I learning about my art and faith journey thus far? What has remained constant? Where have I been changed? How is this impacting present and future art-making?

A deep bow of gratitude to you for keeping me company on this journey.

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