It’s been a while…

Five months, to be exact, since my last blog post.

I am delighted to let you know that I am writing this note from my new studio. 🙂 My husband and I completed the tiling about a month ago, and it took me no time at all to move right in! If you zoom in, you’ll see that Isabella approves as well.

I’ve also been remodeling my digital home, that is, my website. I would really appreciate your taking a look around in it. The renovation continues, so if you run into any glitches, let me know! It’s definitely a work in process.

Recently, I’ve been listening to Kaitlin B. Curtice’s audiobook, Native – Identity, Belonging and Rediscovering God, and partnering passages from her book with moments in nature around the cabin. (Hover your cursor over the arrows in the middle of the images, then drag the little circle back and forth. Isn’t that wild?!)

“If we truly believe that God surrounds us, we believe that prayer is an everyday experience of being alive. It may not look the same for me as it does for you. You won’t practice the way I practice as a Potawatomi woman, but when you step outside and engage with the world in quiet listening, prayer will happen, and it will take on its own way of being for you.” -Kaitlin Curtice, Native: Identity, Belonging, and Rediscovering God
“How might we have conversations, even online, that create space for us to better care for ourselves and for one another? Self-care is a constant journey to tether ourselves to what can heal us, but to get to healing, we have to acknowledge the wounds that put us here in the first place. We do that for ourselves individually and we also do it together, remembering that our wholeness is connected to our belonging.” —Kaitlin B. Curtice, Native – Identity, Belonging, and Rediscovering God

As I wrap up the creation of this series, I am wondering about offering 5×7 inch prints of these images with a mini easel, like the one in the photo. Time will tell. I may be putting the cart before the horse, as I still have a few more chapters to go. 🙂

Friends, thank you for being right where you are to receive this update from me.

Hope this finds you well and that you have a wonderful day.

2 thoughts on “It’s been a while…

  1. Jim says:

    Hi Vonda, Yes, it has been a while. If we are “friends” on Facebook, you will notice that it has been a while since I posted a “Contemplation from the Cabin.” I am afraid I am in a spiritually dry place. All I can think of is the impending doom of our experiment in democracy. And I do not want to turn the Cabin into a political soapbox, there are enough of those already, both on the left and the right.


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