February 10

Here we are… on the final day of my yearlong retrospective called Seven Years of Wonder.

Can you believe that yesterday my husband received a text from our window people saying that they’ve found one of the long-lost windows for my new studio? Once it’s in place, I’ll be able to move in! (There’s still one more to go, but there’s a temporary solution for that.) Oh, the anticipation!

I continue to use creative journaling to help me process the Spirit’s stirring. Currently I’m part of a Race & Faith group reading The 1619 Project by Nikole Hannah-Jones and considering a weekly blog post with those images. I am also a participant in an upcoming 15-week online group reading Makoto Fujimura’s Art + Faith. With that community, I’m sensing nudges to make more forest studies.

<<< Pausing… and holding both hands over my heart space as I review what I’ve written, a gesture of gratitude for your presence… >>> Thank you.

Here we go…

Happy Birthday to daughter, Ellen! (a stroll down Facebook Memory Lane)





2019 – painting below created during a Dreama Tolle Perry online course

2020 – a 3’x5′ family-collaboration painting


2021 – a passage from Howard Thurman’s Meditations of the Heart, pages 83-84:

War and the threat of war has covered us with heavy shadows,

Making the days big with forebodings—

The nights crowded with frenzied dreams and restless churnings.

We do not know how to do what we know to do.

We do not know how to be what we know to be.

Pour out upon us whatever our spirits need of shock, of lift, of release

That we may find strength for these days—

Courage and hope for tomorrow.

Strength, courage, hope… and more wonder, please.


6 thoughts on “February 10

  1. Robin Pantermuehl says:

    A deep bow of gratitude for sharing this part of your spiritual journey! You are an amazingly talented, gifted, in-touch-with-the-spirit person and I am blessed that our paths have intersected on our spiritual journeys. Namaste!

    Liked by 1 person

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