Word and Season Calendar 2023

In case you haven’t seen this, I have some fun news to share! I created the art for Augsburg Fortress’s Calendar of Word and Season 2023.

I really enjoyed researching, imagining and connecting the stories in new ways!

Below is a closeup of the image for August. The promise of abundance from the loaves & fishes feast (twelves baskets’ full of leftovers, Matthew 14: 20) meets the abundant faith of the Syrophoenician Woman. The crumbs under the table (of which she assures Jesus, Matthew 15:27) spill over as joy bubbles/party confetti in Revelation 7:17 (November’s image.)

Below I’ve included a closer look at the grid of months’ images (December 2022 – November 2023) for you to discover my connections, as well as create some of your own, among the stories!

At some point, I hope the publishers release the black and white images for folks to engage their own creativity. 🙂

Here’s the December 2023 image:

Here’s the link if you’d like to order a calendar.

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