Finding Our Rhythm – Advent

I’ve been working on a series of sketches and soon-to-be paintings inspired by the rhythm of the liturgical year for Valparaiso University’s Institute of Liturgical Studies (ILS) gathering next month (April 2023.)

Here’s the work-in-process for Advent. I don’t mean to take you out of a Lenten state of mind, but I do welcome your comments on the rituals that are meaningful for you in Advent. Reflecting on how the seasons connect has been an important part of the work for me.

Below is my original sketch in which I’m working out concepts and making connections. It also includes my notes and ponderings.

As I was playing with the Fibonacci spirals, I noticed that putting four together with their corners centered created the potential for a star. Four spirals made me wonder about four candles, and that’s when Advent came to mind. 🙂 Last week I listened to a conversation between Jacqui Lewis and Ruby Sales that inspired me to highlight in yellow all the corners.

Below is the 16″x20″ penned image, before the watercolor is added.

The theme for the ILS gathering is “Finding Our Rhythm in the Fullness of Time,” and I look forward to listening to the wisdom of guest speakers and participating in the gathering. More info about the event can be found here –

2 thoughts on “Finding Our Rhythm – Advent

  1. Robin Pantermuehl says:

    re: finding our rhythm: I am always amazed (but why should that be?) by your artistic talent and the depth of spiritual connection which it embodies. I am also grateful that you so freely share your gift, especially with those of us who can appreciate art but never create it. Sending love and hugs, Robin

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